Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Corridor map

Following map shows the WHOLE of the OxCam Expressway corridor - the new Expressway routes which Highways England are developing and studying will run through the southern (grey) area and up through either B1 or B3, and on to Milton Keynes etc.

The overall map is shown below, but please look at the ‘zoomable’ version on the link here:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?usp=sharing&mid=17uH8uf93WtT1hs49DYcgRXJIyrj8xXkH  . This will help you to look in detail at the areas at risk around our communities and inform your friends and neighbours. 

LEGEND: CORRIDOR B1 IN YELLOW,  B3 IN LIGHT BLUE AND THE ‘COMMON’ CORRIDOR IN GREY. (You can see that B1 and B3 overlap in the northern section above A41, that’s shown in Green)